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5 Favourite Knit Blanket Patterns

photo by Instagram user @vehicularsugar Many people are knitting blankets right now! Crocheting too, but I will leave that for next time.  I thought it might be a good time to highlight some of my favourite knit blanket patterns.   If you didn't know, I used to own a yarn shop, and so I have LOTS of experience helping knitters choose a pattern and the right yarn to go with it :)  The Chevron Colour Block Blanket designed by Espace Tricot is a free pattern that can easily be sized up or down.  It is written for aran / worsted weight yarn using a 7mm needle and just less than 2000 yards of yarn.  It is shown in the first...

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  These are my making goals for 2019! 1. Ruffle Sleeve Top  2. Sensum Sweater  3. Pinnacle Top  4. Sierra Jumpsuit  5. Hilary Top  6. Dawn Jeans  7. Sunday Sweater 8. Meridian Dress 9. Ondawa Sweater

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wrap up: #2018makenine

Well,  by some standards I was not as successful this year in my make nine attempt. I did not hold myself to my list, instead just making what I felt like - and I did make a lot.  I sewed a lot of clothes for myself and will continue to do so this year!  So here is what was completed and was not, and then just to prove to myself that I'm not lazy I had to make another graphic to showcase 9 additional makes that were completed in 2018!   1. Burnside Bibs 2. Libby Shirt 3. Hinterland Dress 4. Isca Shirt Dress 5. Tecumseh Sweater 6. Persephone Pants  7. Halla Hat 8. Kielo Wrap Dress 9. Tea House...

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List starts from top left.  These are my making goals for 2018 - I finished everything I from 2017's makenine - so I feel confident! 1. Wiksten Oversized Kimono 2. Aqui Mittens (Photo credit to @pucco_h) 3. Treysta Sweater 4. Carolyn Pajamas 5. No Frills Cardigan 6. Mercury Collection 7. Rug Sweater  8. Sophie Swimsuit 9. Birkin Sweater

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Find Your Fade

These days I'm packing up lots of yarn destined to be knit into Drea Renee Knits Find Your Fade Shawl's and i thought you'd like to see some of the colourways.  This gorgeous shawl takes seven colours so for the next seven days I will share a different scheme with you.  Today from left to right is: i see seashells, wildflowers, teal tide, pressed flowers, citron, rhubarb, and orchid.  Come back to this page to see a new colour scheme tomorrow!    Day two's colour inspiration from left to right is sweet potato, sunburnt lobster, beet root, rhubarb, day lily, faded rose, orchid. This is one of my favourites!   Day three of Drea Renee Knits Find Your Fade Shawl colour inspiration! Today...

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