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hand dyed yarn

My dream is to bring hand dyed yarn inspired by the quiet beauty of nature to knitters everywhere...

I am a self taught artist engaged in a life long passion with textile arts and crafts.  

In my twenties, I opened a successful yarn store "Lettuce Knit" in Toronto's eclectic Kensington Market neighbourhood which gave me an opportunity to immerse myself in all yarn crafts and gain knowledge of the yarn industry.

I started my hand dyed yarn business "Lichen and Lace” in 2013, shortly after my family and I left Toronto and moved to Sackville, New Brunswick.  Our relocation to the East Coast was made with the intention to cultivate a slower, less stressful lifestyle - and building a small, home based business of hand dyeing yarn has fit in nicely with this plan.

Every Saturday morning I set up my hand dyed yarns at my local Sackville Farmer’s Market. This weekly ritual encourages me to better my offerings every week, to make something beautiful to share with my community, and grow in my art and craft.

 - Megan Ingman


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