mystery mini box

mystery mini box


Sock Minis Only!  No duplicates!  A great way to pad your mini stash, enjoy the thrill of a surprise, and get a great deal to boot!  Your selection will be a surprise!  

Our 80/20 sock minis are totally machine washable with 80% eco-processed organic merino and 20% recycled nylon.  Each mini is 20 grams and 73 yards.  Perfect for stripey socks, multicoloured shawl projects, and baby knits.  Our sock minis are the same yarn base as our 100 gram 80/20 sock skeins.

10 minis for the price of 9 - get 1 mini for free!

20 minis for the price of 17 - get 3 minis for free!

40 minis for the price of 33 - get 7 minis for free!

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