sock train

sock train


Hop on the Sock Train! Our Sock Train is a monthly subscription of sock yarn that you can start and stop at any time.  

By subscribing to our Sock Train you can join in the fun for as long as it suits you. 

When you subscribe to our Sock Train you will receive a monthly delivery of one skein of our 80/20 sock yarn (80% Machine Washable Organic Merino, 20% Recycled Nylon) 100 grams, 365 yards, in a never seen before colourway, along with a small surprise :)  

Do you want more beautiful hand knit socks in your life?  Imagine the delight of receiving a package every month with a new skein of sock yarn, the surprise of seeing a new colourway inspired by nature, and casting on a new pair of socks.  

To allow us time to hand-dye and prepare your package, your first package will ship next month. For example, if you join in December your first package will ship the first week of January.

Your payment will be processed on the day you subscribe, and will automatically repeat on the same day each month.

Sock Train packages will ship the second week of every month, and tracking will be provided

For customers outside of the US and Canada, additional shipping charges may apply

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