spring yarn club

spring yarn club


Registration for our Spring Sock Sampler Club is only open until the end of February!

Enjoy a surprising spring of sock knitting with our Spring Sock Sampler Club!

You'll receive a beautiful package of hand dyed sock yarn in March, April, and May featuring 100 grams of sock yarn in never seen before, spectacular sock base.

Each month will feature a different sock base that we have never offered before, and they will be exciting!  Also, this club will offer a different colourway than our Sock Train, so you can get both and not be bored.  

This club provides us the opportunity to share some of the fun sock yarn bases were have discovered and love to dye, but don't have the room to add to our permanent collection.  

Spring Sock Sampler Club Perks! Only Club Members will be able to order more of the Club Yarn Bases dyed with any of our colourways; maybe you fall in love with one of the bases and want to knit a large project.  We will dye for you :)

Are you already a member of our Sock Train or Year of Socks?  If so, you can add on the Spring Sock Sampler Club for only $110 CAD, and we will combine your orders.  

If you are not a Sock Train member but want to take advantage of the price break, you can sign up for both at the same time by adding a Sock Train membership to your order here:  https://lichenandlace.com/products/sock-train


Is shipping included in the yarn club price?

Yes, shipping is included, there is no additional shipping charge if you are in Canada or the USA.  Outside of these countries we might need to contact you for additional shipping charges.  If you are local and prefer to pick up your package, please select YES to the question: are you a sock train member, and then select the local pick up option :)

Is the cost of the club charged each month?

No, this subscription will not renew.  This is a one time purchase and you will not be charged again.

Tell me more about the sock bases in this club

Each skein of sock yarn will be 100 grams and around 400 yards (different bases will have different yardages).  Yarn will be primarily Superwash Wool with the addition of nylon.

Are the individual packages all working towards the same project of are they three different yarns?

Each package will contain a different yarn base.  Club members will have the option to buy more skeins of the yarn if they want to make a larger project :) 

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