summer yarn club

summer yarn club


Registration for our Summer Yarn Club is only open until the end of May!

Enjoy a curated summer of knitting with our Summer Yarn Club!

You'll receive a beautiful package of hand dyed plant based yarn in  June, July, and August featuring 100 grams of light-weight yarns like lace, fingering, sport, or DK, plus a pattern suggestion with each shipment for a single skein project.   Yarn colourways and yarn weight will be a surprise :)  

Support us in exploring something new - hand dyeing plant based yarns like linen, cotton, rayon, and bamboo.  All yarn will be vegan friendly.  

Are you already a member of our Sock Train or Year of Socks?  If so, you can add on the summer yarn club for only $99 (less in USD), and we will combine your orders.  

If you are not a Sock Train member but want to take advantage of the price break, you can sign up for both at the same time by adding a Sock Train membership to your order here:


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